Design Philosophy

At The Switzer Group, our design philosophy is based on understanding the client’s goals and aspirations.

We pride ourselves on being problem solvers, researchers and creators. Our philosophy puts an emphasis on listening intently to our clients and finding the right solution tailored specifically to each one. Our talent and size lends itself to personal attention from start to finish. Creating designs that meet the changing needs of our clients is critical to everything we do and we continuously search out and remain on the technological forefront.

Our process is rooted in our philosophy of listening, dialogue and providing options in the process of discovery with the client. We present to the client a variety of design alternatives and together discuss the attributes of each scheme. We work with the client to determine the pros and cons to reach a preferred approach. This process fully engages the client in a meaningful and informed dialogue. By including the client into our process, each possibility can be examined in the light of logic that it represents, and solve issues of place and program together.