Strategic Services

Switzer strategic facilities planners provide solutions to the most challenging and complex issues facing real estate and facility managers. Whether the goals are driven by the need to consolidate or accommodate growth, improve utilization, respond to organizational change, reduce occupancy cost or sell a potential project to management, the optimal framework for making those decisions is a business plan.

Our fundamental premise is that a company’s facilities are a resource for promoting and achieving a higher degree of business performance. Our commitment to clients is to deliver unbiased facility strategies that are cost-effective, feasible and flexible enough to support the business goals.

We draw on the expertise and depth of an interior architectural practice with a forty year history, long list of awards, and recognized leadership in the industry.

We approach strategic facility planning with the same rigor and diligence with which our client develops their business plans – aligning goals, testing future scenarios and leveraging resources for maximum benefit.We assess and integrate the variables that affect the facility supply-demand equation: current facility cost, condition and utilization, management strategy, business and organizational imperatives, culture, growth andchange. We close gaps in the organization’s information base and knowledge, develop performance metrics, evaluate how risk and uncertainty should be factored into planning alternatives and provide the depth of analysis that supports smarter facility decisions.

Our process, tailored to each client’s criteria, includes: clearly defined expectation and outcomes, targeted data collection, analysis of variables and criteria, recommendations that stand up to alternative future scenarios and well-planned implementation strategies.

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